A downloadable game for Windows

A point-and-click adventure game parodying the game Cobalt by Oxeye Game Studio and published by Mojang.

Clobat was originally released in 2014 but has for a time now not been available for download.

While the game stands on its own, your enjoyment might be greater if you're also a fan of Cobalt.


Art, Music and scripting by APirateHat

Tools used: Adventure Game Studio, Musagi, Paint.NET

Known problems

"The game is tiny, I need a microscope to see what's going on!"

Yes, I'm not sure what I was thinking making the game in the resolution of 320x200. There is a file called "winsetup" in the Clobat game folder where you can set the game to fullscreen, however there's a chance you might get an error or a crash.

Install instructions

Unzip the folder wherever you wish. Make your dreams come true by unzipping it on your desktop or just straight into your downloads folder. Unlimited options!


Clobat.zip 11 MB


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Didn't finish it, but nevertheless pretty neat