You've come back from the dead as a ghost. Prank your loving husband until he can't stand it anymore!

In the game's current state there's no goal other than to explore the house and interact and combine objects.

How to play

Click around the area in and around the house to find object to combine to ruin your husband's day. 

Left click on areas and items to zoom to them. Right click to go back to a previous point.

Objectives(A list of things you can do that we didn't have time to add in game)

Make slime! You'll need something green and something sticky. Mix them together somehow. Where's a good place to put it though?

Boom goes the drum.

Can of worms can make trouble in the garden.


Made for the GMTK Game Jam 2021

Music, audio and animations by APirateHat

Programming, modelling and game design by RoyalBazto

Programming and modelling by Dave


Until Death Do Us 43 MB

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